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Runway - NY Fashion Week

Think Pink

Spring Summer 2001

September 2000 was the final countdown to the end of the first year of the Millennium. The future looked delicious. Lloyd Klein flew his brand of fashion from Paris to the United States for his debut appearance in the tents at Bryant Park.


The runway show was staged in the infamous tents at Bryant Park where the apparel world eyes every detail twice a year during the collections. The afternoon of the fashion show, a nasty tropical storm was causing havoc on the Manhattan traffic through the city of Manhattan. Storm or no storm, the New York audience showed up en masse. Nicky Hilton was snagged from the front row to fill in for the model who was scheduled to be the bride to close the show. Headlines from the New York Post read: "Nicky Hilton goes backstage for a sandwich and comes out as a Bride!"


Just before the show, the storm clouds disappeared and it was as if it were spring in the middle of September. Everything was fresh and bright in the midday sun.  Perfect for this collection which had satin trenches over bikinis, liquid satin backless blouses and a jewel-tone rainbow of suits and draped gowns.  The inside of the tent was alive with bold & brilliant colors that were given center runway.  There were in electric hues of Barbie Pink, Fuchsia de Mode, Mandarin Orange, Royal Purple, Byzantium, Crimson Rouge, Bleu Marine, Sunrise Yellow and Kelly Green.  The one color that most remember though was, Pink.  It’s no wonder the show was called, Think Pink! 

Runway Images

Editorial and Celebrity Images 

Side by Side Images from the Runway Collection | Spring Summer 2001

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