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The Brand Mission and It's Unique Heritage

The Milestones of an Eponymous Brand on the Eve of Celebrating 30 Years in 2017

OMNIpast | EVERpresent | UBERfuture

The Lloyd Klein brand, like Rome, was not built in a day. Since the start of his rich career in apparel design in 1987, and the launch of his eponymous brand in 1989, quality and excellent workmanship have become the hallmark of his trade name. Until now, the brand has enjoyed the success of being one of Hollywood's best kept secrets. It's now ready and poised to become a household fashion brand name. A full range of accessories is in development. Along with that, other goods and services that match the sophistication and values associated with the couture division are on the horizon. Most recently, publishing and film production have been added to the brand's busy future. 


Artistic Achievement

Lloyd Klein has garnered the level of design pedigree and experience that few others in his field possess. His prowess in the field of fashion design were recognized by a body of his peers at the 2014 Los Angeles Fashion Awards. At this event he was  honored with the prestigious Fashion Icon, the award created to honor an individual whose contributions to the apparel industry have raised the standards of excellence over a lifetime.


Brand Recognition

Lloyd Klein has earned the reputation among its clientele as being glamorous, exclusive, and aspirational and his collections have become the wardrobe of choice by high profile personalities. The brand has been embraced by the influential leadership of the entertainment industries including: music, stage, film, and television. The media refer to him as a Celebrity Designerand often introduce him in the press as a Designer to the Stars.  Both are accurate.

Our Mission


The brand is unwavering in its commitment to honoring the three standards of excellence that have been connected to the Lloyd Klein brand since day one.  


Quality = Best in Class


The Lloyd Klein label indicates that the item is crafted with artisanal style workmanship inspired by Couture. It is also the indicator that choice materials and textiles will be utilitzed within their category and will be brought to market comptetively priced n it's intended retail category. Because being the best of it's kind, is worth the extra effort.

Value = Worth It


Timeless design and top level construction are the elements that make purchasing Lloyd Klein a worthwhile quality purchase. We love the idea that the Lloyd Klein pieces in your wardrobe will never have to come back in style - because they never left!



Good Fit = Feels Good


A body flattering design that's engineered to fit well and has maximum comfort is what our customers tell us are two leading reasons they faithfully choose and shop the Lloyd Klein brand. They tell us their primary reason is simply because wearing Lloyd Klein makes them feel good.  For us, this is what matters most!

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