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Theme and Inspiration:

They Meet Secretly in Montmartre…

The romantic story of two lovers who meet secretly in the Fauborgs at Montmartre in Paris each winter. It's a romantic weaving of a quixotic and forbidden love between a struggling artist and an aristocrat whose undying mutual passion can only be realized in the privacy of secret encounters. Theirs is a union that must be fulfilled according to destiny.



reflections of mood and memory | sober tones that flirt with optimism |muted qualities that dance with primary undertones | shades of Emerald and Boheme Green, Mink, Cognac, Midnight Blue, Ruby Red, Topaz, Amethyst and Parisian Onyx



textiles realized in the best of French silks, ancient velvets, wovens, crepes and cashmere are the basis of the collection |noble fibers, winter cottons, flat velours, ancestral embroideries, devore chiffon florettes, mink blends, worsted woolens, satins de soie,  mohair backgrounds, compact woolens


The Style

soft architectural silhouettes for evening | precision tailored suiting with updated proportions | feminine daywear separates that easily move into nighttime | luxury in restated volume.


The Atmosphere

Pas de Deux | opulence occupying the same space as practicality | a dichotomy of imperfection with the reflection of refinement | a safe environment with a need to celebrate | the harmonious existence of opposites.

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New York Fashion Week | Fall 2001

They Meet Secretely in Montmartre

the Tents at Bryant Park, New York City

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Fashion Report by Laurie Brookins

Paris-based Lloyd Klein always can be counted on for a dramatic collection, so it was surprising to see such sporty touches throughout his Spring offerings. With a palette largely consisting of blue, black and white, Klein offered such athletic touches as double tuxedo stripes down the legs and sleeves of coats and trousers. Satin polka-dot linings and raw edges were meant to add a little dramatic edge to his women’s line, while his men’s pieces focused on a casual air, particularly for evening, with open-neck embroidered shirts and relaxed linen trousers. The perfect combination of sporty-meets-dramatic-meets-hip. The designer’s finale, a white leather-and-organza wedding dress, modeled by Klein’s muse, Paris Hilton.

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