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Fall Winter 2002/2003 | New York Fashion Week  

Love is Power

Dress Like the Power Players

Gotham Hall, NYC | February 14th, 2002

Fall/Winter 2002/03 was presented in Gotham Hall in the Puck Building as part of NY Fashion Week. This season's collection featured the women's collection and is the first men's collection from Lloyd Klein shown on the runway. Vibrant colors of crimson, orange, and shocking pink against stark onyx and evening grey for both him and her are highlighted. The masculine/feminine dichotomy is playfully explored with suits from women and soft draped tops for men.  


It's all about the suit; gender role-plays; androgyny as the norm; tuxedos as dresses; menswear textiles for women and womens fabrics suit the men; jersey draped blouses worn unflinchingly by men; extraordinary super hero trenches worn equally by men as by women some with sweeping train some as dandy hero capelettes; bankers stripes and solids are sober at the base and serious in their structure playfuylly interrupted with bursts of color; and introducing color blocked power ties that are sometimes matched with superhero capes for editorial.



menswear fabrics with devastatingly feminine results navy, black and grey; extreme bold flouresent pinks and reddish burnt orange run the gamut to blush; sometimes the colors are semi-hidden and only peaking out as threads frayed at the cuff and sometimes noticeable enough to steal the attention; found super large in the lining; grey and pink masculine power pinstripes that reveal glimpses unexpected ultra shock color threads layered with purpose to create an intentional tailored raw cut; loose threads or shock therapy?


light as a feather silk failles, super 100's worsted wools, spongy wool crepes, shiny stiff satins, single layer silk chiffons, 1000 percent jerseys, compacted and sculpted; every cloud has a lining and so does every sillouette in this collection; Lloyd Klein signature pointed and skewed cuffs for both men and women, sometimes frayed with foreign threads layered for effect in a coupe franc effect; chiffon bodies and stiff yet supple satin at the collars and shirt cuffs for glam girls playing boys and boys showing power through a a softer side.

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New York Post - Page Six

February 2002

  • UPPER CRUST: Another long-legged aristocrat has emerged on the fashion scene. Georgina Cavendish, who like her blue-blooded cousin Stella Tennant is a member of the Duke of Devonshire's brood, made her runway debut at Lloyd Klein's show yesterday at the Puck Building. Klein, who knew Cavendish's mother Liliana when she was a legendary beauty, snatched up the schoolgirl-aged Georgina for his show.

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