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Discover How Book Publishing, Film Production, Acting and Interior Design are Part of His Own Iconic Lifestyle


Meet Artistic Director Lloyd Klein

"Early in his career, Lloyd Klein was recognized by many fashion critics as a master of techninical draping, cutting and fit."

Who's Who in Fashion

Fairchild Publications 6th Edition

Lloyd Klein and Neurodiversity

The Unicorn Children's Foundation and the topic of Neurodiversity are important to Lloyd Klein. In this video, Lloyd hopes to extend the message that there is hope for some children who are challenged with neurodiversity from his own perspective of one who overcame his own diagnosis of autism as a young boy.  

The Unicorn Children's Foundation and Lloyd Klein

His prowess as a fashion designer and his contributions toward raising the standards of creativity and quality in workmanship in the apparel industry were recognized in 2014, when he was awarded the prestigious Fashion Icon.


In addition to fashion design, he has become a filmmaker, (see information on his most recent short film entitled Success Driven). He's played the role of "himself" on numerous televison broadcast programs, most often profiled as a "Celebrity Fashion Designer" and "Fashion Authority". The impressive list of credits for his work as a wardrobe and costume designer can be seen on the Lloyd Klein IMDB page. He is currently penning several book projects, including: "The Garment Sculptors | Textbook Fashion Classicism", and "Cause Célèbre", a coffee table book that celebrates his unique sense of "Star Style" as seen on the Red-Carpets of Hollywood and worn by some of the world's most glamorous women. His personal Memoir "Stay Elegant" is also being penned and his hope is to inspire others to embrace difficult circum "Stay Elegant". 

Lloyd Klein is a Couturier who first introduced his brand of couture fashion to the runways of Paris in 1989. His serious pedigree in high fashion skyrocketed a few years later, when in 1992, just after his 25th birthday, he became the Artistic Director of Maison Gres-Paris. It was an extraordinary appointment, especially given that he was the first designer to become the successor to company's founder, the legendary Madame Gres. Their bodies of work are categorically Classicist in style and design direction. It was a natural and perfect fit.


The second chapter in his charmed professional life began when he strategically moved his company's operations to the United States establishing a bi-coastal presence in NYC and LA. For as long as he could remember, he longed to be near the epicenter of the entertainment industry. He had dreamt of engaging his work on the red-carpets of Hollywood - the seque to fashion's runway. Since 2000, when he made the leap from Europe to the United States, he's become a sought-after dress designer by the Hollywood stars who wear his dresses, suits and gowns for their personal appearances, cover stories and live stage performances in film and on video. His Classicist fashion style embodies a European saviour-faire coupled with a timeless sense of the glamour associated with "old-Hollywood". Lloyd Klein quickly became known as the ideal match for those in the spotlight who lean on the fashion world's most talented artists to help make them look like "stars". It's another perfect fit.

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