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The Designer and the Muse

A Celebration of the Muse | The Fashion  Designer's Most Important Ally

 Who's Your Muse?


John Arguelles, the President of Lloyd Klein creates a sensational fundraising event called the Designer and the Muse to benefit the Fashion Group International of Los Angeles for which he was also the standing Regional Director. The format of the evening was an elaborate cocktail event in which designers from Los Angeles would be honored and suggested that they arrive escorted with their model or celebrity muse. The intent was to honor the designers, bring media attention and provide a platform for creativity to showcase local designers. The event is now celebrated annually.

Covert art by John Arguelles for The Designer and the Muse  benefit for Fashion Group International of Los Angeles

The Designer and the Muse 2009

Kathy Ireland


Lloyd Klein attends the 1st Annual Designer and Muse event escorted by Kathy Ireland, whose career was launched by her successful Sports Illustrated Covers as a well-known swimwear model and later even better known as the personality behind the billion dollar Kathy Ireland Enterprises lifestyle brand known for products created for "Busy Moms". Lloyd Klein calls her "His Muse with the Midas Touch"


"Meanwhile designer Lloyd Klein credits '80s bathing suit bombshell Kathy Ireland as his muse... saying, '[Klein] approaches design from his background in architecture and you see that, you experience that in the design.'"

LA Splash


The Designer and the Muse 2010

Natalie Cole

MARCH  17, 2010 

For the second annual Designer and Muse event Lloyd Klein was escorted by Ms. Natalie Cole, his Muse of Grace. Natalie Cole is of course the iconic recording artist whos prolific career is on par with her iconic father Nat King Cole. Lloyd Klein designed Ms. Cole's touring wardrobe including her comeback concert at the Hollywood Bowl. In fact, Natalie became such an inspiration to the designer and such a favorite client that the house celebrated her and the art department created a tribute video celebrating the many occasions she wore Lloyd Klein like no one else can.

Designer's Night Out 2013

Ivy Levan

October 3, 2013

"Designer's Night Out" was similar event to the Designer and Muse created originally by John Arguelles was held at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles. Like it's predecessor Deigner's were invited to attend with their muse dressed in the current collectoin of the season. Lloyd Klein attended with Interscope Records recording artist, Ivy Levan, also known as "the Dame". Everyone in the House agrees: Ivy not only has a promising career as singer, songwriter and actress and performing artist, she started it all as a top runway model.


"Ivy Levan is the epitome of the woman who I've designed for my entire career. She is equal parts super model, greek goddess and rock-star. She's literally my dream come true”. 


Lloyd Klein quote on the red carpet

at the LA Fashion Week kick-off party.


Ivy Levan weaing Lloyd Klein in her hit video "Introducing the Dame"

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