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The Early Years | Paris Runway | 1989-1992

The Launch of a Career

Paris, is the birthplace of High Fashion (Haute Couture). It is also where Lloyd Klein launched his career in 1989. It was an extraordinary time for fashion, not just in Paris, but all over the world. It was the pre-internet days, when "Dynasty" and big padded shoulders were the big trend. The role of the sketch artist who always accompanied the journalist to be able to identify the fashions from Paris was slowly being replaced by photographers, as the rules on allowing cameras were loosened which created a new wave of unprecidented access for the rest of the world. Robert Altman's iconic fashion story, "Ready to Wear", was about to be filmed. It would be the first time that the ultra exclusive "insiders-only" world of the twice yearly "Paris Couture" would be profiled for the public. Grunge was about to be born, but for the moment, glam ruled everything. Lloyd Klein was enamored by diversity and engaged models coming from around the world, each bringing a sense of chic to fashion. Among those who walked for him were such legendary beautiful women as: Rebecca Ayoko, Katoucha Niane, Sadiya Gueye, Mounia, Khadija Adam, Jose, Anna Bayle, Dalma and Padma Lakshmi.

Runway Highlights 1989-1992

"Side-by-Side" Inspirations

image gif of early Lloyd Klein circa 90's at Marino Parisottto Vay Studios
image gif of  Lloyd Klein circa 1990s

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