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It was a night of spectacle at the famed Studio 54 Nightclub

Runway | New York Fashion Week

Upstairs at Studio 54

Spring Summer 2003

This season Lloyd Klein went upstairs at Studio 54 to show his collection to an intimate audience that included Ivana Trump, Rhea Durham, Angela Basset, Nikki Hilton, Tara Reid, Vivaca Fox, Jocelyne Wildenstein, Bai Ling, and Katie Couric. Janice Dickinson, Paris Hilton and Carol Alt all walked for Lloyd on the runway. However, the biggest legacy that this show created was when Ali G. under the guise of his alter-ego, the unforgetable fey Austrian known as "Bruno" punked the runway and marking this as the first of many others since that time. A few months later, when the premiere episode of the "The Ali. G Show" aired, millions of people got a chance to see why we were left practically speechless both from wondering what had just happened and how hysterical the whole thing turned out. Read more about Bruno's antics here.

​New York Post  - Page Six

September 23, 2002


  • RHEA'S WORLD: Finding herself seated next to your intrepid columnist in the front row at Lloyd Klein's brilliant Studio 54 show Friday afternoon, Revlon cutie Rhea Durham decided it was her duty to proffer a morsel of gossip. ...Later on at the show, Rhea's pal, Tara Reid, nearly derailed former supermodel Janice Dickinson's vampy return to the runway when her Snapple bottle rolled across the catwalk. Tara dived to retrieve it just in time - giving everyone an eyeful of rear-end cleavage courtesy of her super low-cut jeans.

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image of Bruno crashing the Lloyd Klein Runway on the Ali G. Show

Sacha Baron Cohen's Austrian fashionista alter-ego "Bruno" crashes the runway of fashion designer Lloyd Klein held at Studio 54 during New York Fashion Week. Unexpected? Absolutely! Planned? only Sasha Baron Cohen's crew had any idea what was being planned. It all turned out to be great fun! Janice Dickinson and Paris Hilton were as surprised as the rest of the male and female models! Grab your front row seat and watch as Bruno becomes the most infamous fashion crasher in the world!

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