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Lloyd Klein and Nina
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Lloyd Klein Editorial Picasso Collection
floral abstract by picasso
Lloyd Klein Picasso Collection

Lloyd Klein Paris 

Classicist fts. Surrealist

1996 |1999

The video above, features highlighted looks from the Autumn/Winter 1996-1997 couture collection. This presentation took place in the brand's showroom in Paris as a preview to the grand stage production that was held less than a month later at the Opera Comique de Paris. The intentional dis-proportions and exaggeration of symetrical chaos found in the works of the great Surrealist painters served as the inspiration for this collection. Specifically the genius of the simple line drawings by the hand of of Pablo Picasso as well as those of Salvador Dali are interpreted through a Classicist perspective. The first group of images below are still photos are from numerous collections shown on the runway. The second group are images collected from various fashion editorials that have used samples from these collections. Some images have been created as recently as 2014 and some are archival and were taken closer to the original season. The final group is a gallery of images that reference collections from this time period in comparison to those created by Madame Grès or by himself as Head Designer for Grès. Some images from this group also shows some examples of his future work as infunced by his past. 

Runway Collection Images 1996/1999

Editorial Images from Collections 1996/1999

Side by Side Images comparing 1996-1999 to both before and after that time

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