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This blog series is written in honor of those that epitomize fashion excellence through their achievement as artists and/or as innovators.  Their eponymous identities have permanently refined the lexicon of fashion. They made a name for themselves and by doing so fashion has been honored and the bar has been raised forever. 

BO DEREK | Perfect 10 at 60 | Eponym # 3

When a 23 year old Bo Derek starred as the object of attention in the 1979 blockbuster hit film "Ten" she was branded as "the Perfect 10". As she celebrates her 60th birthday, 37 years later, for many of us, she is still "the Perfect Ten"... at any age. Find out why we think so...

gif title that reads Ten Reasons Bo Derek is Still the Perfect 10


Bo Derek has a natural Classicist fashion sense and is more comfortable wearing pants than she is when wearing a dress. Although when the occasion calls for a formal gown look she knows how to rock an evening gown and causes heads to turn when she makes a personal appearance on the red carpet . With Bo Derek, what you see is what you get. She is first and foremost an equestrian and wearing jeans or any sort of trouser is her first choice from her wardrobe. She rarely, if ever, sacrifices comfort for the sake of fashion. You will probably never see her in a corset or bustier and if you do it will be as costume for a film and not in her daily life or even in a personal appearance. Acting serves as a fun but necessary, well paying job, much more than it has ever been her passion. It pays the bills and affords her the luxury of running her own ranch. She never aspired to become the iconic "femme de la creme" that pigeon-holed her as an iconic symbol of feminine allure as Jenny Hanley running in slow mo on the shores of Malibu. You might even say she is an accidental actress. In fact, she is more tomboy than she is pin-up girl. We would argue that there has never been a woman who wears a suit as well as she does.

In 1998, Bo Derek accepted Lloyd Klein's invitation to attend his fashion show in Paris. Since then, she has become a cherished muse to the designer. Take a look at some of the milestone moments with Bo Derek wearing Lloyd Klein.


"For me, there is no one that has both the outward beauty and the inner beauty that are both so stunning that she leaves me breathless, whenever I see her."

- Lloyd Klein



My first assignment with the Lloyd Klein Fashion House was to liaise with the celebrities who had flown to Paris to attend his Spring 1999 runway. Since I had loads of experience "hand-holding" and escorting celebrities I looked forward my role without any trepidation.

Among the stars that flew in for the show were Jean Claude Van Damme and his newlywed bride Gladys Portugues. Lloyd had recently designed her wedding dress that was worn to re-marry the father of her two children aka, the "Muscles from Brussels". I flew with the newlyweds from LAX to CDG in the intimacy of the first class cabin and had the opportunity to spend some relaxed time with the two of them. Gladys is extraordinary and very sweet. He was and is, as one might imagine, "larger than life". the flight with the two was He impressed me with his sensitive manners and polite, considerate behavior. However, not long after landing in Paris, the paparazzi began to record his every step and gesture causing his ego to become maniacal. He morphed into a demanding and detached version of the charming actor I had enjoyed waxing poetically with, about life and his love for family, during the endless flight from Los Angeles to Paris.

After 26 hours of wrangling the Van Dammes, I was beginning to lose my enthusiasm with the trip. With another 2 days ahead of me knowing I would be forced to interact with the kickboxing champ I was disenchanted with the forecast. Then suddenly everything changed and our next celebrity guest arrived in Paris. This time, my charge was the iconic beauty, Bo Derek, and her traveling companion, Mrs. Diandra Douglas, the exceedingly elegant and charming ex-wife of Michael Douglas. It was my first time to meet either of them in person. Let me just say it. My Lord! Bo Derek is truly a beautiful woman! Her obvious outward beauty is world renowned.

However, what struck me then and still has me spellbound now, is just how calming and peaceful she seemed and how she radiated a zen-like vortex. Unlike JCVD, her ego was in check and she came across as someone I would want to know better. She is without a doubt among the most charming personalities I've ever encountered. When I looked into her swimming-pool-blue sparkling eyes, I got the sense that she was completely present and it immediately put me at ease. It's a phenomenon of feeling safe and at home that I've only experienced in the presence of handful of people. It's rare and it's valuable.

I mentioned previously that she is an accomplished equestrian and her love of horses and More often than not, her Hollywood hat is hanging in a closet for months at a time, while her Ranchers hat is worn daily on her equestrian ranch in idyllic Santa Ynez, California. She's someone who will step up to the plate and get involved in community politics if she feels she can make a difference. She has sat on her local City Council and has sat on the California Horse Racing Board most recently serving as the Commissioner for several years. She is an extremely enthusiastic spokesperson and activist who works tirelessly to lend her voice to garner and protect the welfare of retired veterans, protection of the environment and especially as a well known advocate for animal rights. She's also a published photographer, who among other placements, has had her work featured in Vanity Fair. She's a "10" in so many ways, but the one thing that makes her a 10 in my opinion is that she is the same Bo, no matter where you see her, or who you are. To say she is down to earth is spot on and that's why I think of her as, "True Blue Bo"...

and she is my hands-down favorite of over 400 celebrities I've worked with over the years.

FASHIONATOR LA | John Arguelles






aka John Arguelles


As Executive Director of the Lloyd Klein brand, I have:

  • travelled the globe

  • rubbed elbows with the rich

  • hobnobbed with the famous

  • partied with the stars

  • helped create milestones

  • experienced great highs

  • well as horrible lows

  • dined with the hoy

  • and partied with the paloy

  • networked with the titans

  • learned from the trenches

  • sacrificed sleep before the runway

  • often worked around the clock

  • honed my skills

  • learned the rules

  • followed the rules

  • broke the rules

  • discovered my likes 

  • deciphered what I dislike

This blog is inspired by the apparel industry icons known by their eponymous brands, labels, and\or fashion houses. Some have ignited entire cultural movements and created trends, while others have mirrored and interpreted the era of their time. They have all set the standard of excellence for the next generation and are exemplary for their creative and innovative contribution to their craft. Photographers, retailers, journalists, models and those whose names when mentioned, are important to the fashoin vocabulary.

I have always been drawn to  artists and performers as the influencers in my life. However the greatest of all for me personally has been working side by side with Lloyd Klein. Since the day we met and began to work toward the same goal, my appreciation and respect for him and the other icons of the fashion business has only deepened.  


So to those artists who have chosen to eponymise themselves by using their name on the label, the billboard, the marquee, the byline or on the shingle that hangs on their door... This blog is a tribute to you.


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