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Meet the Iconic Archetypes of Fashion Who Raised the Standard of Excellence

An Apparel Industry Blog Series Dedicated to The Eponymous Role Models, Mentors, and Muses That Inspire Us


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fashionEPONYMS | a tributeBLOG

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fashionEPONYMS | a tributeBLOG

This blog honors a few of the fashion industries icons. Some are in the process of creating a legacy, while others are already legendary. Almost all of them have built eponymous businesses. It takes a lot of gusto to put your name on the shingle that hangs on your door, because that is where the buck stops and the 24 hour workday begins. We refer to them as the "Fashion Eponyms".


Above all, this blog series hopes to express the greatest respect for those creatives of the fashion industry who leave legacy. Their excellence teaches us by example.


Animated Gif image of John Arguelles aka the Fashionator LA


aka John Arguelles

As Executive Director of the Lloyd Klein brand, I have:

  • travelled the globe

  • rubbed elbows with the rich

  • hobnobbed with the famous

  • partied with the stars

  • helped create milestones

  • experienced great highs

  • well as horrible lows

  • dined with the hoy

  • and partied with the paloy

  • networked with the titans

  • learned from the trenches

  • sacrificed sleep before the runway

  • often worked around the clock

  • honed my skills

  • learned the rules

  • followed the rules

  • broke the rules

  • discovered my likes 

  • deciphered what I dislike

This blog is inspired by the apparel industry icons known by their eponymous brands, labels, and\or fashion houses. Some have ignited entire cultural movements and created trends.  Others have mirrored and interpreted an era to such a degree that the strength and recognition of their eponymous brand has the power to be used in vocabulary to communicate and summarize, with more clarity, a certain time in history. They have all set the standard of excellence for the next generation to obuild upon in their own creative expansion on the growing leading edge of thought that we all enjhoy as the moment becomes the next. They're exemplary for their creative and innovative contribution to their craft. In addition to the designers, the blog covers the extraordinary and remarkable talents of the industry's family of niche fasion expression. Included are the photographers, retailers, journalists, models, and celebrities. The are the icons whose name, when mentioned, are recognized as powerfully descriptive and permanently part of the lexicon of fashion.

I have always been drawn to artists and performers. Their ability to share their talent, and to put thmsleves in front of criticism, is inspiring. The old saying that goes, "Dance like no ones watching", is apropos to the essential strength of the artists I admire.

So to those artists who have chosen to use their given names and even those who for personal reason, changed their name but are identiifed personally, just the same, "Bravo and Kudos!" Whether used on a label, the marquee, the byline, or the shingle that hangs on the door... this blog is a tribute to you.

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